Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Plan with Me // Oct 16 - 22

I received this weekly sticker kit for free in exchange for writing a review post.

I loved decorating my Happy Planner for this week. I have a lot going on this weekend with a planner meet up and my grandmother’s 96th birthday. I wanted to make the week special. 

The sticker kit is Vampiress Vanessa by A & M Memories
I love the rich dark colors and spooky decorative stickers included. 
Let’s dive right in and gets started on this Plan With Me (PWM).

I totally forgot to take pictures before I started cutting. Oopsie! This kit comes with 4 pages: boxes, headers, decorative boxes, and decorations/glitter headers. It features a beautiful vampire graphic in four skin tones; black, blood red, maroon and green colors; spooky graphics; and glitter. 

With every kit I use, I do a zigzag with the decorative boxes. It’s just my thing. I also love that this kit included date covers. Nothing bugs me more than to have a gorgeous spread ruined by pink pastels at the top. 

I just continue to fill in my planner with boxes and lists until most of the white spaced is filled. I prefer as little white space as possible. Even with filling up the whole week, I still had almost all of my headers and half of my boxes left over. I could easily use them in another spread. 

I LOVE the way this turned out. It’s spooky and elegant. It’s defitely worth the price. I added a Halloween Countdown printable by Pink Pixel Graphics to help me keep track for my shop and decorating the house.  

Supplies I used:
I like these over the Avery sheets because they work for both inkjet and laser printers. I know there is also some amazing papers on onlinelabels.com. For personal printing the matte or glossy papers are your cheapest bet. The weatherproof paper is my favorite though. 
I have an inkjet printer at home but I had Staples print these stickers. I learned that if you bring your own paper, Staples will print it for FREE. Even color prints. 

Daiso Japan precision knife

Metal ruler

Small scissors 

What pen do I use on a dark kit?
I have a white gel pen for the black and dark parts. The rest of the boxes work well with any kind of pen. I tested a glitter gel pen, ball point pen, staedtler fine liner, an inky pen, and a colored fine point myster pen. The glitter gel pen and ballpoint pen smeared if touched immediately. Give those time to dry. About a full minute. The other pens were dry in seconds, which was shocking. My favorite inky pen usually needs 30 seconds to dry. 

Use code NATALIE15 for 15% off your order from A & M Memories. I don’t receive any kind of kickback or anything. It’s just a nice way for you to always have a sale.

I’m a part of the Design and Digital Team for A & M Memories. I am required to make 4 posts a month. I receive the items free of charge to review and bring to you. I do not receive any compensation for the posts or for you using my discount code. You can join the A & M Memories Facebook group for updates and exclusive sneak peeks.