Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Free Summer Bookmarks

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Journaling Belle Designs

I did! 
I've had these in the works for a while but I had no idea how to make them on my iPad mini. Seriously y'all, these bookmarks are three months of hard work and learning a TON about what apps I can use and how they work. 

I learned that I don't need a fancy stylus to create decent drawings. I also learned that you don't have to spend money on apps to get what you want. Everything I used was TOTALLY free. 
Maybe I'll do a how to one day. 

So, drumroll please...

Okay, so this is only a sample of the three I colored. 

You'll actually get SIX different bookmarks for you to color.
I recommend printing them on cardstock so they hold up well. If you have a laminator you can make them water resistant. I'll be laminating mine soon. 

So what's the catch? How do I get my bookmarks?
These bookmarks are exclusively for new email subscribers. Just fill in your information below, confirm your email and they'll be delivered right to your mailbox! 

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  1. Super cute bookmarks. Love the customization of leaving them black and white. These will be perfect for my Happy Planner!
    Abby -

    1. I'm so happy you like them! I had such fun making them.